Why do you recommend a minimum of $5,000 USD to trade with?
We won't know how much you're trading with, but we are here to change lives. To put yourself in the running for a major financial shift in your life you need to start with a minimum of $5,000 USD. Additionally our service fees may be too burdensome if you trade with less.
Does the Unlisted app place the trades for me?
No we are not an exchange. You control your money. We give you the signals to trade Bitcoin using your funds on your own exchange account. We provide easy to follow how-to videos to get setup and trade, along with great support along the way. 
I'm new to trading. How do I trade?
Once you become a member we have carefully made Bootcamp videos which concisely walk you through anything you need to know about trading for the first time. We are also accessible in the chart groups.
Do you give signals on alt coins like Litecoin, Ripple, Neo, etc?
Australian and US regulations categorize Bitcoin and Ethereum in a way that allows us to provide our services around those currencies. All other alt coins are viewed differently by the governing bodies and we are excluded from providing trading signals on those coins. This is ideal because Bitcoin and Ethereum both have the longest trading history offering the most stable and suitable conditions for the most robust trading methods.
Your trading performance, how is it done?
Our datapack shows every single historical trade, the date of entry, exit, days open, and profit. You can go back and examine it for accuracy. It proves its very achievable, but leaves the question, "can you really time entry and exit that well?" To answer that question, visit our instagram page to see Judd's trading balance updated every several weeks and see for yourself. Additionally, our trading method is hard coding into the chart of our app. The next trade is automatically triggered in real time for customers to see and be a witness to the success of the system themselves. We first offered our services to customers in May 2020 so it will take a few months for customers to know for themselves that this works. 
What's the worst case scenario?
It's a good practice to expect the worst as soon as you start. Anything can happen but our largest draw down has been 25% over 4 trades over three months. Our largest single losing trade has been 14%. Expect that up front and you'll have a positive experience.
How and where do I buy or sell your Unlisted Project coin?
We don't have a coin. We give customers trade signals (alerts) on when to best buy and sell Bitcoin (and sometimes  Ethereum).
I just joined and the app says the trade signal is closed. How long do I have to wait for an entry?
It may take several weeks for your next trade opportunity, so use that time to educate yourself with our UP TV videos, and follow the chat groups and weekly calls. Our success is based on being very tight and careful with how much we risk. We only enter a trade at strategic locations where a small move against us triggers a clear message to exit the trade. When you enter late you expose yourself to wild swings with no clear exit signals. By being patient and waiting for the next signal you put yourself in the position to succeed.
Which devices is the Unlisted app available on?
iPhone and Android. Not available on iPad.
How do I create an account so I can sign into the app?
Go to the signup page.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Go to profile in the top left corner of the app and select manage subscription. You can cancel anytime and we will not renew the membership at the end of your pre-paid 6 month period. Given the tremendous educational value and intellectual property we supply in trading signals and labor intensive guidance we do not offer refunds of pre-paid memberships. 
Is there risk holding funds on an exchange?
Yes there is. Exchanges can get hacked. Having said that, in recent times people of high net worth have been taking funds out of the traditional banks and putting them onto crypto exchanges. Crypto exchanges don't have the "house of cards" exposure that banks have today to the derivatives markets and crypto exchanges are booming in growth cycles with lots of cash. You can also store your Bitcoin on hard wallets such as Trezor or Ledger. This moves Bitcoin offline to a USB-like storage device. Don't lose the device though, its like losing a bar of gold. If it's lost, it's lost. 
What if I live in Washington or New York USA?
State laws make it challenging for exchanges to offer services in Washington & New York USA, so Kraken does not offer services in those states. This means if you live in one of these states you WILL be able to trade on Kraken which is the only exchange that offers shorting for US residents. You can setup an account with Coinbase or other exchange and participate in our long trades only, but NOT our short trades. Our best trades are long trades so you'll still experience the core of our offering. We have about twice as many long trades than short trades and the profitability of long trades is far greater than shorts as well. Even without shorting, you'll experience better performance with us than many other trading methods.
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