Membership Code of Conduct

In order to provide a space that is conducive to your learning and profit potential we have the following ground rules with regard to your use of Unlisted website, app, chat groups, direct messaging, webinars and other tools at your disposal. The underlying ethos of these rules is that of support and cooperation, respect for others and singularity of purpose.

1. No sharing, copying or replicating any information or materials provided by Unlisted

You will immediately lose your membership without refund if found to be in breach of this rule. We have invested considerably into our intellectual property. The only place where you may discuss and share specific details of Unlisted trade signals, Unlisted price cycles or other Unlisted material is within the app provided by Unlisted. If you like what we do for you, please respect the rules. We are providing this to you in good faith (see the Terms of Use for more information).

2. Check leader updates before asking questions

We put considerable effort, time and attention into each update so that potential questions are address head-on. Always check the leader update feed before asking a question. And of course, you must watch UPTV as many times as needed so that you understand whats happening and how we trade.

3. Be positive & constructive

Before you submit any comment in chat ask yourself; 

1. Is this comment positive? 
2. Is this comment constructive? 
3. Is this comment distracting to the Unlisted leadership team at a critical time? (i.e. can it wait?)

All communication must be in English; be polite and constructive. No discriminatory, defamatory, threatening remarks or personal attacks on community members will be tolerated. The language of R and X rated movies will not be tolerated. The typical four letter swear words including sh**-coin will not be allowed.  

4. Keep your fears, doubts and counter-strategies to yourself 

Imagine hundreds of people sharing their fears, doubts, and input on how we should change our system after a failed trade or two. Until you have 6 months of trading history with Unlisted please keep your fears, doubts and counter-strategies to yourself. 

5. The 24 hour change in your account balance is not a success indicator

Do not micro-manage your account balance day-by-day, it makes your far too short sighted. The success is not in the precision of entries and exits, it's in identifying the correct overall direction and finding the key turn points within a margin of 10%.

6. Avoid sharing ideas outside of the Unlisted trading methods

Participants in this community are at various stages of developing their understanding of trading principles. To avoid confusion, we ask that you do not introduce concepts that are foreign to our methodology in your posts and comments. This creates confusion and anxiety for some of our members. 

7. Avoid discussing crypto-currencies other than Bitcoin & Ethereum

In order to comply with US and Australian regulations Unlisted only provides trading signals on Bitcoin (BTC/USD) and Ethereum (ETH/USD). Please do not discuss other alternative coins in chat groups so that we may stay focused on the products we offer, and also avoid distractions to other members. In the context of our trading methods, anything else is highly speculative and has not been tested, nor can we provide signals for them.

Unlisted may from time to time share examples of the Unlisted gates or price cycles in play on other coins when those examples are the best showcases of the abilities of the Unlisted trading methods at that time. 

Team calls can be a more casual place where we can have a social discussion about other crypto assets. 

8. Consolidate your chat messages

Rather than blurt out several part messages on chat, please be considerate to the other members of the community who receive audible notifications for each message and post just one comment. If you have more to add, or something to edit, please use the push-and-hold feature to edit your original message. 

9. Avoid the appearance of bragging, talk in percentage gain, not dollar gain

When sharing your enthusiasm for winning trades and gain please share in terms of percentages. If you talk in dollar terms it can be very discouraging for people who are trading with much less, and even though it is not your intent, you may appear to be bragging.

If you did not participate in a recent failed Unlisted trade, please do not brag about missing it. That is inappropriate and distracts other members from the larger picture, losing trades are part of the journey.

10. No spam

No external marketing messages or links to pages that are irrelevant to the topic being discussed will be allowed. No advertising, direct marketing or solicitation including the posting of personal contact information is allowed.

11. No hype

Similarly, as participants may make financial decisions based on the content found in this community it is important that you always display a balanced, unemotional position in terms of your contributions. Don’t spread gossip or rumours. Any “news” should be referenced and left open to the reader’s interpretation. And please, a 2% move is not a pump :)

12. Be committed

Trading the Unlisted method does not require a lot of time, but be sure to promptly setup and fund your exchange account, and then link it to the Unlisted app. Assistance can be provided upon request. Once connected, trust the system, stay the course, keep API keys connected, do not manually trade in the exchange account you link to Unlisted. Multiple instances may result in loss of membership without refund. 

13. Take responsibility

All posts, comments and remarks made within the Unlisted community (including that of Judd Armstrong and Andrew Phillips) are the opinions of those individuals and cannot be seen as financial advice. You assume full responsibility for the outcome – win or lose – should you decide to participate in our trading method.

14. Educate yourself

Before firing off questions in the chat groups be sure to watch and re-watch the carefully curated, concise videos in UP TV in the app. Remember, every comment you make in the chat groups reaches many people and takes up some time in their day. If you can’t find the answer to your question, feel free to ask. We welcome good questions, and that helps us with feedback and creation of more great video content.

15. Seek support

Should you experience doubts over the Unlisted trading method or your ability to trade it successfully, please get in touch with where one of our team will reach out to you with dedicated support, guidance and advice. Please refrain from posting complaints or critiques directly on any of the available media as this may lead to an unhealthy debate which does not serve the purpose of helping you to become a better trader.

16. Membership to Unlisted community is personal and exclusive

We like to know who we are dealing with so please update your profile with an avatar and name etc. It helps us in understanding where you are in your journey and how we can best assist you. Don’t share your login credentials with others as this will undermine this objective.

17. Copyright 

All your submissions (posts, comments and images) made to the Unlisted community are considered to be owned by Unlisted. This means that such content may not be reproduced or re-purposed and published outside of the community except as deemed necessary and/or approved by Unlisted.

We trust that you understand the need for these simple rules and your continued use of Unlisted indicate your agreement to adhere to the above rules.

Please help us to keep the value of our community services high by reporting any irregularities to
Unlisted withholds the right to limit your use and/or access to these community facilities in the event of any misconduct such as the intentional breach of these rules. The extent and duration of such limitations would depend on the severity and re-occurrence of any such misconduct.

The Unlisted disclaimers, terms of use and privacy policy apply.