Why Unlisted Project?

From Judd Armstrong, founder

It was a funny process getting this company named. Our trading results are so amazing as they compound over time that it gave us a real problem... 


A lot of people have justifiable baggage around offers that sound too good to be true.

We started with the name Cryptonite, which we loved, but trademark battles with DC aside, no-matter what the name is, it became evidently important to just let the numbers speak for themselves, and be as transparent as we can without overwhelming people with data. It became essential to give the true impression that we're not trying to twist your arm to join us. 

As I tried to come up with a non-salesy name I pictured ourselves at an unlisted address, not in any directory or google search result, in an old warehouse district running a small secret project so lucrative that it's as if we're printing money.

So, the name Unlisted Project was born. Come join the bold and the brave. Good luck finding the address ;)